How To Enjoy Your Time In Osaka

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Osaka is the 3rd most populous city in Japan. I visited Osaka with the intent of seeing Kyoto as well, but soon realized that would have to be saved for another trip. There’s just too much to see in Osaka, so drop off your bags and let’s do this. Here are things to do and see in Osaka, Japan.

1. Dotonburi

Dotonburi is the most likely tourist trap in Osaka as it should be. You won’t be able to take enough pictures of the colorful and mechanized restaurant fronts. THe pictures and videos that you see online don’t do justice to this sprawling nightlife district. It’s a smorgasbord of theaters, restaurants, and nightclubs that attracts Japanese locals by the boatload.

The streets seem to branch of endlessly into more of the same overwhelming variety of choices for an Osaka night on the town. Make sure you have some okonimiyaki.

2. Sumiyoshi Taisha

Sumiyoshi Taisha or grand shrine is a great destination for the shrine and temple lovers out there. Shrines are for those who practice Shintoism and are often characterized by large archways as you enter the shrine. Taisha signifies that it’s the central or head shrine of a certain district, in this case, the sumiyoshi ward. The compound is well preserved and maintained with simple and clean architecture throughout.

There are numerous halls in the honden or most sacred hall.

It has many great details and provides some pretty great pictures to remind Japan by.

You can also try the deep fried skewered Okonomiyaki in Osaka, a unique twist to the Okonomiyaki.