Symbol of Japan’s Mount Fuji



Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest peak, located about 100 kilometers west of Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes is located in Northridge. Shandong Fuji Hakone located south east is the vast mountain of Tanzawa.
Elevation of 3776 meters of Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest peak, the ridge is a smooth and beautiful independent peaks, vast hinterland, rich in Ziranziyuan. Many climbers will take advantage of the summer to challenge, after the winter, the summit will become a white-capped snow. Known Lingfeng said the forceful magnificent views of Mount Fuji, invite you to come to see the style.

Hill takes the shape of Mount Fuji entire cone, like an inverted fan County, the famous Japanese poet had used “back Yushan County Haitian”; “Fuji Snow greet the Rising Sun” and other poems to praise from the last erupted in 1708. it is located on the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka, when the weather is sunny from tokyo and Yokohama are also visible.

As Japan’s national symbolizes Mount Fuji, surrounded by eight mountains surround: Jianfeng; Baishan Yue; long shall Zhi Yue; the great day of mountain; Izu Yue; achievement Yue; Ma Baiyue and Mitake, collectively known as Fuji eight peaks of Mount Fuji belong to Fuji volcanic belt, this volcano. starting with the Mariana Island archipelago, the Izu Islands, Izu Peninsula, arriving from a volcanic chain north of Honshu. foot of Mount Fuji weeks is about 125 kilometers, has a base diameter of 40 to 50 kilometers, the peak surface crater diameter of 500 m, depth about 250 meters, it has erupted 18 times in succession, although now in a sleep state, but still among the eruption of white smoke.


There are numerous legends say Mount Fuji, which has four famous magic.

1 / sometimes like a diamond-like sparkle when the sun rises or falls from the top of Mount Fuji in the moment, just like a shining light pop Diamond, this is like the United States is called Diamond Fuji.

2 / Peak clouds measurable weather, clouds covering Mount Fuji in the famous hat and cirrus clouds, layer two is the next rain hats signs, when the mountains float floating hats adumbrative sunny day.

3 / Yuanwang flat like Mount Fuji, the mountain came when it was found, was surrounded by steep ridges nine peaks.

4 / Fuji often occur multilayer Li cloud, this beautiful sight because Balmy moist air rises caused.


Fuji has four main trailhead, Fujinomiya; Subashiri mouth; Gotemba Chang mouth and Fuji Yoshida (Kawaguchi), Kawaguchiko can take the cable car climbing, but also take the bus hiking or car to, watch Mount Fuji easiest way is to take the Tokyo and Tokaido line trains between Osaka. If you go to take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, the best time to watch the Tokyo Fuji is 40-45 minutes away from the train station near the right-hand side of the new Fuji. Note, however, clouds and poor visibility often covered Mount Fuji views, if you see a clear view of the mountains, we should feel pretty good luck. visibility is usually a good time early in the morning and at night, the cold season better than summer.

If you want from a good Ziranhuanjing more relaxed pace and enjoy Mount Fuji, you should go to the north side of the mountain at the foot of the Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko) or near Hot Springs attractions, Hakone.

State of Sakura

Japanese people believe that cherry with elegant, bold, handsome rustic and independent spirit. The cherry blossoms as the industrious, brave, a symbol of wisdom. Japanese proverb "Sakura 7 days", is that flowering is very short. Japan therefore families generally do not cherry species that thrive on the continuation of the family does not Ganguly. Japanese cherry blossoms is the most popular flower species, snow-like cherry blossoms, a symbol of Japanese bushido gorgeous and short aesthetics. Japanese, the "cherry time" refers to the cherry blossom season, which is spring. In the spring, cherry blossoms in full bloom, the cherry blossoms of the most splendid place, while eating sushi and drinking sake while intoxicated flying in the sky "flower blowing snow  wa na-fu bu ki", the Japanese year of the most important thing.

Fuji varied natural scenery

Mount Fuji is Japan's spirit peak, a height of 3775 meters, an area of over 90 square kilometers, about 80 kilometers from the southwest of Tokyo, Shizuoka and Yamanashi across a sleeping volcano, one of the largest active volcano in the world, too, not hard to imagine the shape of the near-perfect volcano is worshiped as holy and welcomed by the artists and the general public. UNESCO in June 2013 the famous Japanese Fuji World Heritage attractions.


Hokkaido is located in Japan's northernmost borough, is also currently the only one in Japan to "Tao" is the name of the administrative division, said Hall is the seat of the City of Sapporo. Hokkaido area of 83,457.48 square kilometers [3], is Japan's largest administrative region. Hokkaido's population of about 544 million people, Japan's population is more than an eighth of an administrative region. You can also refer to the island of Hokkaido, Hokkaido Administrative Region is located. The island of Hokkaido and Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, one of Japan's four islands, an area of 77,984.86 square kilometers, is the second largest island of Japan, also is the world's 21st largest island in the area.

Hot spring culture

Spa is divided into volcanic and non-volcanic two categories, Japan's hot springs in volcanic hot springs most. Dogo Onsen among the oldest to the number of Ehime Prefecture, 712 years history book published in "Kojiki" among related records. In the 12th century, with the increasing popularity of Buddhism, plus bath becomes civilians, spa management occupations immediately emerged. Early 17th century, it was discovered hot springs medical efficacy, and started to produce a booklet about the introduction spa effect, so "Tang Zhi" (hot spring cure) will rise in the private sector, civil society also began to use the spa who collect taxes. Into the 21st century, modern drilling techniques developed, even away from the hot spring source in Tokyo, but also to discover the spa, the spa has become more common. Regardless of all ages like hot springs, like a kind of entertainment. Occasionally there will be a special presentation Onsen television programs, and "spa" has become one of the options travel accommodation conditions. Popular high degree hot spring, it is beyond doubt.