Welcome To The Other Side Of Japan

This is a website dedicated to knowing more about the rural areas of Japan.

Let’s start with Nara.

Although Kyoto is literally the biggest tourist attraction in Japan, it was once the capital of Japan, so there’s lots of major shrines and historic sites, and it’s beautiful. Nara is about 30 minutes away from Kyoto, and it was the capital before Kyoto. So, we’re talking like in the year 700 to somewhere in the 11th century that it was the capital, so it’s even more historic. And it’s also a really big tourist attraction.

The biggest tourist attraction would have to be the big, big, big buddhist temple called Todaiji and it houses inside of it the biggest Buddha in the world. It’s about 40 feet tall, and it’s beautiful. There’s also a huge park surrounding it that is full of deer. In ancient Japan, deer were actually considered sacred, and it would be a capital offense if you killed a deer.

That tradition continued today, and there are hundreds and hundreds, and swarms of deer all over the place. They’re very friendly, and they’re just like dogs. They just will come and lick people and try to eat whatever is in their hand, it’s really a unique and bizarre experience. People will come to Nara just to play with the deer.

That park is really close to the main transition, just a 5 minute walk away. Sometimes when you’re walking around the train station you can see a deer that wandered out the park.

It’s a beautiful city. Lots of history. And again lots of people who’ve lived there for a long time, and are really proud of where they’re from.