Exploring Gifu Prefecture

Whatup guys, we’re here at Gero Onsen or Gero Hotspring right now in Gifu prefecture, and if you didn’t know, Gero Onsen is one of the top 3 onsen in Japan alongside Kusatsu in Gunma and Arima in Hyogo. So, it’s a definite if you’re into hot spring culture in Japan.

A well-known Confucian Scholar named Hayashi Razan praised in one of his poems for the high quality of water that the Gero Onsen has. So, I’m gonna put my feet in one of these foot baths right here, and experience it for myself.

It’s really hot.

It feels really good though.

We are here at Shirakawa-Go to look at the Gassho style roofs. Kind of traditional houses. Probably the most famous thing you can do here in Gifu Prefecture. We are on the bridge right now. Heading to the village. It’s raining. So, it’s kind of hard to take a lot of videos right now, but we’ll do our best.

I just got a Hida Beef Croquette, because Hida Beef is really famous around this area.

Hey guys, so we’re inside one of the houses right now, and the roof got renovated about ten years ago, but the whole house itself is over 200 years old, so it’s pretty crazy. And the way they maintain the house is through this smoke that’s right in front of me. The smoke supposedly prevents the bugs from coming in and helps the wood, basically last for a while. That’s the thing behind it. I guess it works because it’s over 200 years old, so it’s really, really nice.

The inside of the thatched roofs, look at this. That is so cool. Held together by this rope. That’s crazy. I never thought I would ever have to duck to get into a house, but I definitely have to duck from this roof.