Japanese Customs Foreigners Should Know About

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1. Try not to use the number four

In Japan, the number means death and is often avoided in conversation. In the past, even the hand symbol of four was considered taboo and was used for those outcasts in society.

2. Don’t blow your nose in public

While in other countries it is okay for people to blow their nose in the train, or in public places, in Japan it is considered rude. It is best to excuse yourself to the comfort room, or in the comfort of your own home when you want to blow your nose.

3. Don’t tip

Tipping is considered insulting in Japan, so you should not tip. If you really, really feel the need to give something back, why not give a box of chocolates or a small gift.

4. Walking while eating is not a good practice in Japan

This practice is frowned upon according to Japanese custom.

5. Some people will rest their head on your shoulder in the train

The Japanese are known for being hard workers. Even to the point of death. They even have a term for it. It’s called karoshi, or death by overwork. So, don’t be surprised when a Japanese salaryman will rest their head on your shoulder.

6. Remove your shoes when you enter someone’s house

This is an absolute rule. Japanese hate having their floors dirty, well I guess every one of us. Bringing your shoes inside means they have to expend extra energy to clean up after you leave.

It’s high time you pay a visit to the beautiful country of Japan. Opportunity is waiting for you.