How To Enjoy Okinawa

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Okinawa has always been the local vacation destination for Japanese if they’re looking for crystal clear beaches, and an island life experience.

This American military base is home to a unique mix of culture and people. With influences from China, America, and Japan, Okinawa is surely a melting pot of cultures.

You can do many things in Okinawa. These are as follows.

1. Watch humpback whales during their winter migration in Zamami Island

This is the time the whales come to the island, and they are beautiful as they are massive. Enjoy a day out at sea with the wind blowing your hair, as you hear the sounds of whales crashing their tails on the water.

2. Visit Ryukyu Mura

This is a recreated Ryukyu village from the Ryukyun times. Experience authentic Okinawan culture in this tiny village.

3. Eat purple sweet potato

It’s like a potato only with a tinge of sweetness. Plus it’s purple! Feast your senses with this delicious treat.

4. Eat takoraisu or taco rice

I told you Okinawa was a melting pot of cultures. This dish is truly a representation of Okinawa’s uniqueness. Imagine, rice made of tacos.

5. Go snorkeling or diving at Cape Maeda

Experience the biodiversity that can be found in Okinawa. There are so many unique species that can be found only in Okinawa, and you can discover them one by one. You will find the colorful corals and interesting fishes deep within the waters.

8. Shop at Kokusai Street

Experience the unique of this lovely shopping center.

NOTE: This post was updated in 2016