How To Spend A Day In Nagoya

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Ferris wheels are a big deal here in Japan. This one in Nagoya can give you a great view of the city.

If you have some time between trains you can easily hop across the street from JR Nagoya station and grab a quick view of the city from the Sky Promenade at the top of the midland square.

It costs 700 yen and is promoted as the tallest open-air observation deck in Japan.

Nagoya Castle was built in 1610 by the powerful shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. It was one of the most important castles in all of Japan.

Located within minutes of Sakai, you will find a maze-like shop-lined undercover shopping precinct that works its way around the Osu area.

What Osu area is really famous for is the Osu street performers festival.

With teenage idol groups and their middle aged male fans, performance artists, budo dancers, and traditional music players, as well as Oiran or Edo Yoshiwaran Courtesan reenactors and their retainers.

It does say something about the sexual attitudes of Japanese that these women, despite their occupation were seen as the supermodels and trendsetters of their time.

For more information on the Oiran, see our video on Yoshiwara.

Nagoya, not as big as Tokyo, and a lot cleaner than Osaka. It’s a pretty cool place.

Other things to do in Nagoya are visiting the Oasis 21, visiting Satsuki and Mei’s house, the house in My Neighbor Totoro. You can also see the world cosplay summit, which is a yearly event.

After spending ours at the 會議桌, you can treat yourself to a vacation in Nagoya. This glamorous city will surely not disappoint you.

NOTE: This post was updated in 2016