What To Do In Osaka City

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Osaka City is a bustling town full of neon lights and swarms of people. Here are the top 10 things to do when you’re in town.

1. Take a selfie with the Glico Man in Dotonbori

This Glico Man is the absolute icon of downtown Osaka. Situated beside the bridge is this towering symbol of victory in sporting events. It was originally sponsored by Ezaki Glico, a confectionery company based in Osaka.

2. Go to the floating garden observatory in Umeda Sky Building

Not all buildings are boring and flat. This particular building can offer you a 360 view of the city with gardens to surround you. It’s actually a combination of two buildings. You can get to the top using escalators.

3. Go to the open-air museum of old Japanese farm houses

4. Eat okonomiyaki and takoyaki

These are the staple foods of Osaka. Everywhere you go there is an okonomiyaki or takoyaki stand waiting for you. You get 6 pieces of okonomiyaki for about 4 dollars.

5. Visit the Osaka castle

Right smack in the heart of the city is this beautiful towering castle. You can imagine all the ninjas inside it battling for total town takeover, but that only lives in our fantasies now.

The journey up the castle is already a thrill in itself. You can get there by climbing up past steep walls.

6. Go to the Osaka History Museum

7. Go around town wearing a kimono

You’ll surely feel like a local wearing the traditional wear of Japanese. You’ll feel like a Japanese princess in no time.

8. Visit Osaka companies

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