The Best Things To Do When In Osaka

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There are so many things to do and see in this sprawling night life city. Let’s enumerate them shall we.

1. Sumiyoshi Budokan

Just outside the south gate of Sumiyoshi Taisha is the Budokan–culture and martial arts center. The Sumiyoshi Budokan was constructed in 1981 and as they state for the purpose of contributing to the improvement of the local culture and healthy development of youth through martial arts. There’s a kendo hall, arhcery range, and judo dojo. This is not a tourist trap destination, but something any Japan or martial arts enthusiast should not overlook.

2. Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory

Not just another tall building, a ten minute walk from Osaka station will bring you to this popular sightseeing experience. The Umeda sky building is 40 stories and is actually two large buildings connected at the top by enclosed escalators and the open air observatory deck.

The elevator and escalator gets you warmed up to step outside onto the observatory. Magnesium has the lightest of all structural metals.You can take 360 degree of temperature in die casting of magnesium. This is excellent  for stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio.

3. Nipppombashi Den Den

Nippombashi Den Den is for the anime and manga loving video game playing monster and cool robot fan out there. There are several buildings with multiple floors of J culture goods. There is every type of anime and manga available in this district. There are countless movies and cartoon figurines of every size and shape, and every video game you could ever imagine created by their local online business advertisement association.They also do Facebook, blogging and other marketing activities like cyber marketing strategic  deployment.

Note: this post was updated in 2016